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Law Related Education and Looking to the Future

A career in law is an admirable aspiration for a student of any age, and the American Bar Association has a variety of programs in place to encourage partnerships with schools around the country to engage in law-related education practices that enhance and improve the educational experience of students throughout the K-12 system. With the passage of the Law-Related Education Act of 1978, states throughout the country were obligated to begin offering programs which emphasize citizenship and understanding of the law.

By partnering with legal professionals and schools throughout the public education system, the ABA's law-related education system infuses its messages into elementary, middle, and high school classrooms through targeting curriculum in history, literature, civics, libraries and government, providing young students the opportunity to begin fostering an interest in law and government which may ultimately grow into a desire to pursue higher education and a career in law.

Becoming a Lawyer

Successfully completing a law education and passing the bar exam to become a practicing attorney is an impressive achievement, requiring an enormous amount of determination and commitment to academic excellence throughout the educational system. No matter what age you are, it is never too early to begin exploring the ideas and concepts of law and governance by taking advantage of opportunities such as law-related education programs which can help equip you with the knowledge, skill, and drive to become an effective attorney following the completion of your education.

By taking steps now to promote the development of a legal mind, you can give yourself a clear and demonstrable advantage over your peers as you progress through your education, look towards college and law school, and ultimately pursue a successful career in law.